P values and more!

animals discussing p values

Here are some resources relevant to this week’s discussion of chi square and p values. First, this generator shows the shape of Chi Square sampling distributions at different degrees of freedom. Next, a dandy p value calculator for the tests we’ve learned this semester. (Also see this Xtranormal animation about statistical power and p-values. Xtranormal was the coolest thing on the internet for a month back in 2011.)

Gender and naming colors

graph of color names

More fun with data! Lately we’ve been doing t tests, which, in this gendered world, somehow almost always seems to lead to comparing men and women. In that mode, you might as well click the picture to see an interesting data visualization about how men and women tend to describe colors.

Dear Data

Dear Data postcard

While you are sheltering in place, take a look at this charming project, Dear Data, which I love, and which gives you some idea of just how much you can clearly communicate visually if you’re clever about it.